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Vitamin Ae emulsion


Vit­a­min A is accepted as an agent of great use for the major epithe­lial can­cers as well as for epi­der­mis car­ci­no­mas, chronic leukaemia and tran­si­tional cells.

The first for­mal stud­ies of the pos­si­ble anti-tumour effects of vit­a­min A were ini­ti­ated in Ger­many, by inves­ti­ga­tors of Mugos Lab­o­ra­to­ries in Munich. It was a proven fact that lung can­cer in Nor­we­gian sailors was less com­mon than in other groups, even though they smoked since child­hood. Logic indi­cated that it had to be the oppo­site. After study­ing this phe­nom­e­non, it was dis­cov­ered that they ate abun­dant quan­ti­ties of raw fish liver, high in vit­a­min A, since child­hood. The log­i­cal con­clu­sion was that high doses of such a vit­a­min pre­vented the growth of lung can­cer in heavy smok­ers. But it was also found that high doses of vit­a­min A were toxic and could cause adverse reactions.

The main focus was to find out how to admin­is­ter enough vit­a­min A to observe pre­ven­tive or heal­ing effects with­out injur­ing the liver. The solu­tion was found when one inves­ti­ga­tor dis­cov­ered that unprocessed milk had the vit­a­min, and chil­dren who were breast-fed never expe­ri­enced toxic effects. Nature had the solu­tion by includ­ing vit­a­min A in milk in the form of micro-emulsification.

Mugos inves­ti­ga­tors pro­ceeded to pre­pare a vari­ety of emul­si­fied con­cen­tra­tions, for­mu­lat­ing their famous High Con­cen­tra­tion A-Mulsin. One drop con­tains 12,000 units. They were able to admin­is­ter over a mil­lion units per day in pro­gres­sive doses with­out pro­duc­ing hepatic tox­i­c­ity. The expla­na­tion is that, in emul­si­fied form, vit­a­min A is absorbed directly into the lym­phatic sys­tem with­out going through the liver in high quan­ti­ties. Hav­ing solved the tox­i­c­ity prob­lem, it was pos­si­ble to test the prod­uct in high doses. It was demon­strated that emul­si­fied vit­a­min A has the fol­low­ing effects:

  • In nor­mal doses, it pro­tects epithe­lium and vision.
  • In doses of 100,000 to 300,000 units per day, it works as a potent immune stimulant.
  • In doses of 500,000 to 1,000,000 units per day, it works as a potent anti-tumour agent, espe­cially in epi­der­mis and tran­si­tional carcinomas.
  • Man­u­fac­tur­ers’ rec­om­mended dosage is 4 drops of A & E emul­si­fied, up to two/three times a day under the tongue, or accord­ing to your physician
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