Amigdalina Solucion Inyectable, Box of 10 vials (3gr each )

Amygdalin also known as vitamin b17 (supplement derived from fruit kernels).

Amygdalin Injectable Solution (supplement, derived from fruit kernel) comes in a box of 10 / Vials each 3 grams of Amygdalin in a 10 c.c. volume.

Is composed of two molecules of glucose (a sugar), one molecule of hydrocyanic acid (an anti-neoplastic compound), and one molecule of Benz aldehyde (an analgesic).

In metabolic therapy, ( I.V.)  The amygdalin is broken down into its component parts as a result of the action of beta-glucosidase. This enzyme is found in abundance in affected cells, and is relatively deficient in normal cells.

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