Cyto Pharma de Mexico S.A. is a company with 40 years experience in the market, renowned world-wide leader in the investigation and pharmaceutical manufacture of alternative medicine.

In 1971 Cyto Pharma was the first company to receive a license (Under the direct supervision of Dr. Krebs which included his formula, process, technology and control methods) to produce Amigdalina (Amygdalin) which is the laboratory name for Vitamin B17 or Laetril. Cyto Pharma is the oldest and worlds largest producer of this amazing substance.

There are many brands of Amygdalin, Laetril or Vitamin B17 on the market, but not all of them contain the quality, purity and the structure to be named Amygdalin. We pride ourselves to strive to always provide the best supplements and medications for our customers.

" We care for your Health "


Cytopharma de México SA
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