CytoPharma UltraEnzymes 200 Capsules

Our 10 different types of enzymes, help to treate/prevent degenerative illines. Bottle with 200 capsules. PH sensitive and enterically coated

Cyto Pharma UltraEnzymes, is an effective treatment that complements well with Vitamin B17 products (Amygdalin) for a complete Metabolic therapy.

Enzymes are protein molecules that help the body perform the vital biological process that are necessary to assimilate and transport nutrients, detoxify our cells and strengthen our immune system.

With 10 different types of pancreatic enzymes, Cyto Pharma UltraEnzymes are divided in two types: Food Enzymes and Proteolitic enzymes (protein-digesting enzymes).

Mutated cells are coated with a protein lining that prevents the body´s normal defense system from getting to them. Enzymes disolve the proteing lining and can permit the bodies normal defense, the leukocyte (white blood cells) to destroy the mutated cells.

Enzyme therapy converts the mutated tumor in to a bening tumor by inducing apoptosis. This break down the tumor, eliminates mutated cell toxins, and strengthens the immune system turning the internal enviroment  from anaerobic  (ph acid) to aerobic (ph alkaline).

Order it as a part of a whole complete metabolic protocol.

Always make Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin) part of the program, that plays an important role in the success of the complete therapy.

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