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Cyto Pharma Ultra Enzymes 200 Capsules

Our 10 different types of enzymes, help to treate/prevent degenerative illines. Bottle with 200 capsules. PH sensitive and enterically coated

Multiple nutritional deficiencies and deficiencies of specific nutrients are frequently underlying factors in the development of Cancer.

Enzyme therapy is an effective safe alternative / complimentary cancer treatment which contains proteolytic enzymes wich break down the cancer cells. Enzyme therapy is generally broken down into two types: Food enzymes and proteolytic ( protein digesting enzymes ) Several researchers including Dr. John Beard, Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr and Dr. Dean Burke found that the cancer cell is coated with a protein lining and that it is this protein lining that prevents the body's normal defenses from getting to the cancer cell. They found that, if you can dissolve the protein lining from around the cancer cell, the body's normal defenses, the leukocytes (white blood cells) will destroy the cancer cell. Enzyme therapy as an alternative / complimentary cancer treatment reverses the tumor from malignant to benign, by inducing apoptosis in tumor cells, by breaking down the tumor, by eliminating toxins and cancer cells, by restoring body functions, by strengthening the body and the immune system, by reversing the internal environment for the conditions (anaerobic, acidic pH) favorable to cancer cells to a healthy environment (aerobic, pH slightly alkaline). To win with cancer we have to first completely eliminate the cancer part of the tumor (s) the to change the internal environment in which cancer happens and grows and strengthen the cancer defense mechanism so that it will detect and destroy any mutated cell, that way the cancer does not come back.

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